About Me


   My career spans eighteen years plus in the video production business. You name the gig, and I have probably been paid to do it. Directing live TV, camera operation, lighting department on feature films, corporate virtual meetings. Video production is a passion of mine, forever and always. I could not change that if I wanted to. 

I started teaching as an Adjunct when I was 29. Teaching started as a side hustle. After a few years of teaching at institutions of higher learning, I found that working with young adults was a passion of mine.  Around mid-2018, I decided to pursue teaching at a university as a career. 

With well over ten years of Adjunct teaching experience in higher education, I'm very prepared for my hopeful next challenge. The bulk of that experience has been at my alma mater - the University of Cincinnati - where I teach video production classes. My hope is to become a tenured professor. Teaching video production classes full time is my dream job. Becoming a Full Professor is the ultimate goal. Teaching at a larger university would be icing on the cake.

I obtained my Masters degree in December of ’22. I studied Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Cincinnati. I earned a 3.815 GPA in graduate school. When you factor in that I was teaching at least two classes per semester, working a full time job, raising two young daughters alongside my wife, and freelancing often throughout the year while in graduate school, I would call that an accomplishment. While I should have earned an M.A. or an MFA degree in order to teach baccalaureate courses in content creation, my M.Ed. studies made me a much better teacher. If need be, I will earn an MFA degree in the near future.

My wife and I have been married for over 9 wonderful years. My wife has two M.Ed. degrees and has spent her career in elementary education as both a teacher and administrator. She currently is an Instructional Coach in northern Kentucky. My wife and I have two daughters, 8 and 6, respectively. We have a lap dog named Oreo. We recently adopted a kitten named Rosie, and she is now 1. The photo below of my lovely family was taken in October of 2021.