Examples of Syllabi and Lectures from courses I have created while teaching as an Adjunct at the University of Cincinnati are shown below. I have taught nine different courses as an Adjunct at UC- six courses for the Media Production program, and three courses for the Digital Media Collaborative program. In total, I have taught over 30 classes at UC since Spring of 2016.

The two courses I have created are titled Commercial Production and Cinematography. Both are junior level undergraduate courses that were offered each Spring and Fall semester. Commercial Production is an experiential learning class in which students collaborate with local start-up businesses to create media for their online and social presence. Cinematography is a hands on learning course that teaches students how to use cinema cameras and lighting techniques that they can then utilize for their Capstone Film Projects when they are seniors. 

Below is the most recent syllabus for the Cinematography course. To visit the Media Production program's website, click here.

Cinematography Fall 22 Syllabus.pdf

Commercial Production Syllabus Spring Semester '21. To visit the Digital Media Collaborative's site, click here.


The Exposure Pyramid of Greatness

A Brochure style lecture on the basics of exposing your image. Made with Canva. This is used for a 2000 level course I teach.

Ratings Lecture

A lecture on why some cameras are better than others. Hint, it is all due to the color bit depth of the camera.

Color Bit Depth Lecture